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10+ Club   59'ers  
A-1   Abracadabra   Algerians   U. S. Air Force   All For Fun   It's All in the Family   Alley Cats   Amigo's   April Fools   Anheuser-Busch   Arabian   Aristocats   U. S. Army  
Beaus and Belles   Beer Barrel   Belles and Beaus of Belmont   Boeuf Gras   Les Bouffons   Boozers   Bon Vivants   Brandy Club   Les Brigands   Bucks   Budweiser  
Carnival Goers   Carnival Social   Ceres   Chalmette Carnival Club   Chalmette Lions Club   Checkmates   Clermont   Clipper's   Club of Joy   Club Lucky 18   U. S. Coast Guard   Cobra   Confused Couples   Conglomerates   Crawdads   Crescenteers  
Dalmations   Delta   Devil's Disciples   Dixie   Does and Bucks   Dollar Club   Dolphins   Les Doubloons   Dreamers  
Eight Ball   Elmeer   Elves   Exclusives  
Family Affair   Family Funsters   Fantasy   59'ers   Fighting Tigers   Fine Arts   Four Corners   Friends and Neighbors   Full House   Funlovers   Fun Makers   Funny Forties   Funtastics  
Gaillard's   Gay Timers   Gay Masqueraders   Gems   Gentilly Happy Go Luckies   Gentilly Pleasure Seekers   Golden Rule   Goldiggers   The Good - The Bad - The Ugly   Good Timers   Good Timers Carnival Club   Good Timers Carnival Club Inc   Good Timers East   West Side Good Timers   Goofers   Green Horns   Grouchers  
Happy Friends   Happy Go Lucky   Happy Go Lucky Jefferson   Harmony   Hi Jinks   High Wops   Homemakers   Hope We'll Make It  
The In Crowd   The Impossible Dream   It's All in the Family  
Jabolina   Jefferson Legionaires   Jesters   Jet Set   Jolli-Timers   Jolly Funsters   Jolly Jacks   Jolly Jeffs   Jolly Kiwis   Jolly Rogers   Jolly Timers   Jumping Jacks  
KCS'ers   Kinfolk Kapers   Kings and Queens   Kinsmen  
Lakeshore   Lakeside   Lakeview   Lakeview Fun Lovers   Laughing Jokers   Les Brigands   Les Bouffons   Les Doubloons   Little Wrecks   Lower Coasters  
March   U. S. Marine Corp   Marrero   Merry Maskers   Merry Maskers of Arabi   Merry Maskers Chalmette   Merry Maskers Metairie   Merry Maskers New Orleans   The Merry Maskers   The Merry Maskers Carnival Club   Merry Maskers Truck 35   Merry Mix   Merry Mixers   Merry Rouges   Metairie Merry Makers   Mules  
U. S. Navy   New Comers   Nobleman's   Nut & Jeff   Nutcrackers  
Out For Fun   Outsiders   One Mad Family  
Packenham   Pals of Pleasure   Party Liners   Pedazo De Ocho   Penny Pinchers   Plum Nearly   Pot-Valiant   Progressive  
Roman Street Revelers   Royal Flushes   Royland  
Same Old Bunch   Seminole   Sheiks of Arabi   Shufflers   Southern Silhouettes   Southerns   Southport Revelers   Strange and Wonderful   Suburbanites   Swingsters'  
Tekawana   10+ Club   Tri-Parrish  
U. S. Air Force   U. S. Army   U. S. Coast Guard   U. S. Marine Corp   U. S. Navy  
Westbank Suburbanites   Westside   West Side Good Timers   Who's Who   Wrecks of Mardi Gras   WSMB